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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Celebrating the 25th VR operation.

(from left: Sdr.Tan Joon Choo, Sdr.Ramalingam, Sdr.Khoo Kay Chee, Sdr.Cheah Poh Seng, YB Sdr.Wong Hon Wai, Sdr. Ang Say Teik, Sdr. Joseph Tan, Sdr. Lee Eng Oo and Sdr.Ernest Chee.)

On June 12th, our DAP Air Itam branch Voter Registration team gladly posed for the above group photo at Sunshine Farlim Bandar Baru Air Itam as we ‘commemorated’ our 25th operation that evening.

It was not the statistical satisfaction of 2,500 registrations our branch VR team netted over the 3 months since we started the campaign in April that gave us a sense of pride to commemorate the occasion but rather, it was the joy of having successfully fostered a close-knit team of diligent branch members during the course of the campaign operations that gave us a more meaningful reason to celebrate.

Here are some pics showing the relentless effort of our 'happy family' VR team at the various venues of our operation to get as many of the 200,000 eligible but yet to register fellow Penangites to sign up.

 At our weekly Wednesday's Farlim Pasar Malam operation...

... our weekly Saturday's Sunshine Farlim operation.

...at the occasional Sunday morning Air Itam Market operation
  (just in front of our ADUN service Center).

 and ad hoc operations such as Wesak Day at the Malaysian Buddhist Association, Burmah Road.

On every of the 25 operations we had, it was clearly the awareness of the nuturing presence of joyful teamwork as well as the earnest patronage of our Air Itam ADUN, YB Wong Hon Wai that gave this community service project such a relentless driving force.

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