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Monday, April 26, 2010


There is currently an estimated 4.3 million eligible but unregistered voters out there and 80 per cent of these are people below 30. These are people who can help make a CHANGE for a better country if they are registered to exercise their voting rights.

So, let’s help to spread the message by asking relatives, friends and acquaintances beginning today whether they have registered as a voter.

If they are eligible but have yet to register, please inform them that we are having a statewide VOTERS REGISTRATION CAMPAIGN at major shopping malls and other venues on the 1st and 9th, May 2010.

On the island side, we are at the following venues to register NEW VOTERS-

 and on mainland Penang we are at -

Please note that we can only assist to register NEW voters and registration is according to the address stated in the I.C.
We are NOT able to change your voting address.

For those who wish to change their voting address, they have to change the address in their I.C with JPN and then proceed to the nearest post office 
or directly to Pejabat Pilihan Raya Negeri Pulau Pinang, Tingkat 36, KOMTAR, Penang 
for the change of voting address.  

For more info, visit http://www.spr.gov.my. You may check your existing details at http://daftarj.spr.gov.my.

Friday, April 23, 2010


Guys, if you happen to see someone with a loudhailer blaring “ Lai lai..tengki suan koo jit paeng!” at the Farlim big pasar malam on Wednesday nights (and also at the smaller one down the road opposite Sin Kang Chinese school on Thursdays) … that ‘walawala’ man is none other than our Sdr. Tan June Ju, who is part of our branch's VOTERS REGISTRATION Team there.

Operating with just a plastic table, 3 stools, a chargeable fluorescence lamp, 2 SPR banners, but a bigger group of 4-6 volunteers now, our team is fast making our operation presence at these pasar malam venues known and felt. ….

Not only we are now successfully reaping between 80-100 applications per night there, our ‘Operasi pasar malam’ is becoming a fun activity! So if you are free on such nights, join us there and have fun fostering closer ties with the other members of our DAP Air Itam community!


Saturday, April 17, 2010

Visit to the Little Sisters of the Poor.

The Program- Lunch with WARGA EMAS folks
The Place- Little Sisters of the Poor, Lorong Batu Lancang, Penang
The Date- 11th April, 2010 noon.

YB Wong together with an entourage of JKKK Air Itam members recently paid a visit to the Little Sisters of the Poor-Home for the elderly on Sunday 11th April.

After hosting lunch, saudara YB Wong went around the tables to personally deliver the RM100 'Warga Emas' angpows (under the Penang State Governement Senior Citizens Appreciation Programme) to 47 residents of the home.

Sister Joanna and Sister Teresa Cheong then took time off from their tight schedule to give our members a quick tour of the new building.

We were truly overwhelmed and impressed not only by the clockwork-running of the home, but also the tender kindness and dedication of those sisters and volunteers there.....which left us wondering how we can emulate and instill such untiring spirit, patience and passion in the performance of our duties as members of DAP Air Itam community.

- ernst

YB Wong having a chat with Sister Teresa, Sister Lucy and Sister Joanna...

YB Wong delivering his speech....

YB Wong handing the RM100 anpows to the warga Emas...

The small immaculate library room

The extremely neat and clean hairdressing room..

Our group of multiracial JKKK Air Itam members with the sisters
and some elderly residents of the home ..

Team-Building Camp 10th-11th April 2010

The Place- ViewPoint- PBA Training Center at Air Itam Dam
The Date- 10th to 11th April, 2010

A good mix of multiracial JKKK members from Thean Teik, Kampung Melayu, Kampung Pisang and Padang Lada recently attended a 2D/1N Team-Building training camp conducted by Sdr. Martin Lim.

For most of us, it has been a long time since we last had so much fun and laughter participating in the indoor and outdoor games just like 'kindie' kids while learning and discovering the advantages and benefits of teamwork.

:) can be so contagious!

and here is how they got the :) bug.....

The 1st DAY-10th April 2010 (Saturday)

Opening of the camp with those "Tuan tuan dan puan puan,
saudara dan saudari sekelian........" speeches

participants listening attentively...

The 'kaki ayam' trainer...Sdr.Martin Lim

The fun begins.....Exchanging names and particulars ..
the GETTING TO KNOW U game...

Jigsaw puzzle game.....

with everyone contributing in solving the puzzle as a team..

Dinner time! Dining, mixing and mingling
in the cool environment of the hills...

speeches by Sdr.Wong and Sdr. Ng to wrap up the 1st day....

Sdr. Ariffin sharing......

and after a fun-filled day, the last program of the night....
'mengantuk-ing'...zzzzzzzzzzzzz lol!

2nd DAY- 11th April (Sunday)

Tai-Chi or is YB leading the gang riding imaginary motorcycles?

Waiting for breakfast after the morning exercise....

Ahoi there! Here comes the Pirate of the Carribean Air Itam Dam!

Sdr. Martin Lim briefing on the next game......

Carrying YB Wong over the Spider Web obstacle...Someone was heard saying,"Oi! careful..Jangan let go har..nanti jatuh, by-election lagi!" hahahaha!

Joseph with eyes tightly shut and crossing his heart ...
praying that the arms are still there to catch his fall...

The magnificent Seven?

The scenic day, night and morning pics
taken from the PBA Team Building Centre..

'Thumbs-up' group camwhoring before we break camp..
with many asking, "When can we have another training session again?"