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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kg Melayu Warga Emas Registration Day

The Air Itam community had two events running simultaneously on the morning of Mothers Day (9th of May).

While our regular Voters Registration Team members were up and sprightly doing their stuffs at Sunshine Farlim, Bandar Baru Air Itam that morning, just about a kilometer away, Pakcik Ariffin (pic on right) and his JKKK Kampung Melayu members were equally busy running the Warga Emas Registration service at the residents' community hall there.

With the village loud speaker making periodic announcements inviting senior citizens of the kampung to the community hall for this event', folks soon started arriving and members of the JKKK in red uniforms were there at hand to assist and to welcome the senior citizens into the hall.

Folks were given queuing numbers before they took their seats.

  By 10am most of the seats were taken and reporters seated at the front row, armed with their notebooks and cameras were all set and ready ...

"The RM100 may be just a paltry sum but it is nevertheless, our small token of sincere appreciation for your contributions to the Penang state in one way or another during your younger days. We have not forgotten you and what you have done for the state and country...."

The registration service began immediately after the opening speech and YB Wong personally attended to some of the Warga Emas applications and inquiries .......

before rushing over to Sunshine Farlim to give moral support to our Voter Registration volunteers there....

YB Wong having a chat with some young eligible
voters who were waiting for their turn to be registered at Sunshine Farlim...

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